• Added Turkish translation by Falcon
  • Added function exp(x) (equivalent to expression $e^x) (issue 0000002)
  • Added logical binary operators and, or, xor (issue 0000051)
  • Added these new prefix values which can be used in expression: Zetta, Yotta, Zepto, Yocto (issue 0000059)


  • Setting “Insert last result (ANS) and operator” didn’t work with some operations (issue 0000050)
  • Multi character operators could get mixed up with operands in HEX mode (issue 0000057)
  • When using several multi character operators without parentheses, all operators except the first one got confused for a variable. For instance: 10 div 2 mod 2 (issue 0000058)
  • Using a specific combination of variable names in the expression caused a calculation error. For instance: a*va/2 (issue 0000060)
  • Program crashed when the user tried to insert a prefix value (issue 0000061)