Kalkules beta


  • Added option to enable only one instance of Kalkules
  • Added option to automatically close unclosed parentheses in the evaluated expression
  • Result values in all tools are formatted the same way as the result on main window (according to settings)
  • If an internet connection is available, the latest online manual version will be displayed instead of the offline version
  • Added button for clearing all variables in the variable window
  • Unit converter is now able to process also conversion between units, which are not in a direct proportion (for instance temperature units)
  • Function graphs:
    • Added ability to display multiple functions in one coordinate system
    • Optimized drawing. Panning the graph with the mouse is now much smoother
    • Enlarged width of the vertical scale to make room for displaying longer values
  • Expression browser: Added menu item “Open library directory” into the expression tree popup menu
  • Optimized window layout in tools Combinatorics, Quadratic equation and Rule of three for better displaying of the result values and error texts, and to make more room for longer translated texts in some languages
  • Translations:
    • If no valid language is specified in the settings.ini file, the program will try to use a language file according to the users system language
    • Added Hungarian translation by Zsolt Nemeth
    • Added Ukrainian translation by Bonsai


  • Fixed manual file html validity errors in some translations
  • When the entered expression was too long to fit in the main window, it was always shown from the start, even if the cursor was at the end.
  • Selecting “Report bug/request feature” item from the help menu no longer tries to open the nlift website (because it no longer exists), but opens the Kalkules website contact form instead