• Unit converter:
    • Automatic conversion of the input value during editing
    • Automatic selection of the first category after units are loaded
    • Improved form layout (optimized for resizing)
    • Removed Calculate and Close button from the form
  • Translations:
    • finished French translation of new texts, unit file and license by Pierre-Yves Baumann
    • finished Russian translation of new texts, constants and basic geometric formulas by Viktor Fyodorov
    • Chineese translation of program texts, basic geometric formulas and unit file by Diqiuyi
    • finished German translation of new texts, unit file and manual by Uwe Reisinger
  • Modified layout of several forms to match longer texts in some languages


  • Invalid memory access when editing a constant
  • Function arctanh didn’t pass expression control
  • Displaying expression change warning icon when the Back button was used