Kalkules beta

After the experience with version 1.7 (when several issues were reported shortly after the release), I’ve decided to release Kalkules 1.8 as the first public beta version, and to release the stable version after all the potential “baby” issues are fixed. Please note that the manual isn’t up to date yet, and also the translations of new text aren’t done (except for the English, Slovak, and Czech translation). All that should be done in the final release of version 1.8. If you find some issues, please take a minute to report them. Thanks.


  • Added new tools: unit converter and quadratic equation
  • New window with basic prefix values, which can be easily inserted into the expression
  • Program can remember the state it was in during the last execution(chosen number set, angle mode, precision, and so on)
  • New setting window with more available settings:
    • what to insert as new expression after evaluating the current expression and inserting an operator
    • what to use as a decimal separator (dot, coma, or the operating systems default separator)
    • choosing between mathematical and electrotechnical format of complex numbers (5-2i vs. 5-j2)
    • programs default state (the state right after start – chosen number set, angle mode, precision, and so on)
    • result notation: ordinary (0,02) or exponential (2E-2)
    • the evaluation result can be automatically copied to clipboard
  • Improved Graph of function
    • Added status bar with information about the x and y values on the current cursor position, and also about the functional value in that position
    • Default view is not x=0 and y=0 anymore, but it depends on the function value in x=0.
    • The whole graph can be easily copied to clipboard or saved to file using the export buttons
  • Added new functions that can be used in the expression – gamma, sec, csc
  • Factorial can be calculated also from real numbers
  • Automatic info about new versions is less annoying. Only a small icon is shown in the bottom right corner of the main form instead of a dialog
  • All tools now accept input values also in exponential notation
  • Added a warning icon that is shown when you modify the expression, and the result is no longer valid
  • When changing the numeral system, also the precision is changed to fit the new numeral system
  • The program is by default translated into English (in case the translation file is not found)
  • Optimization of GUI memory usage
  • Optimization of the evaluation algorithms (expression evaluation is now approximately 14% faster)
  • A warning message will be shown in case that you are creating a new library file in the expression browser, and you try to save it in a different folder than the library folder
  • Pressing the Esc key in the main window will delete the current expression and result (same as clicking the [C] button)


  • The main window couldn’t be moved from the main monitor on computers with more then one monitor.
  • Invalid memory access, in case that no constant file was found, and you tried to edit the default constants (pi an e)
  • Bad file extension in the Expression browsers save to file dialog
  • Bad encoding of the “result=” label in the combinatorics tool (it was causing trouble with the Russian translation)