• added function differentiation
  • added expression browser
  • completely redesigned polynomial tool
    • drawing Horner schemes
    • polynomials can contain up to 5 variables
    • when dividing, polynomials can contain more than 1 variable
  • when changing the language, all constants are automatically translated
  • in the rule of three tool, the result is displayed in an edit box to make it easy to copy
  • the calculation history now contains also the values of the used variables
  • more efficient vertical scrolling in the function graph
  • when trying to calculate a series summation/product or drawing a function graph with no function entered, an error is displayed
  • program understands both goniometric function notations (tg/tan)
  • pressing the CE button on the main window will delete the whole number at cursor position


  • untranslated save button on the history form
  • when changing the language multiple times during one execution, the selected language was not saved correctly